Who decides the price of product?

Who decides the price of the product?

As a seller, you will set the price of your products.

What are the fees charged?

The following deductions are made from the order item value:

  1. Commission fee: 6% percentage of the order item value

  2. Shipping fee (calculated on the basis of the product weight, shipping location)

  3. Collection fee: 2 % This will vary based on order item value and customer payment mode (Prepaid/Cash on Delivery)
  4. Operational cost : 1%

  5. GST : 18% (applicable on all of the above components)

What is Commission fee and how much commission is charged?

Commission fee is 9% percentage of the order item value of your product.

Please give an example to show the cost calculation.

Here’s an easy example, which illustrates a sample the above calculation:

Item Amount
Selling Price (decided by you)
Commission Fee (varies across sub-categories/verticals)
90 ( assuming 6% )
Shipping Fee (Local shipping , weight 500 grams)
Collection Fee ( 2 % on the Order item value)
Operational Cost
Total Marketplace Fee
GST ( 18% on Marketplace fee deduction)
Total deductions
Settlement Value (Amount credited to you)

How and when do I get paid?

All payments are made through NEFT transactions (online banking). The payment is made directly to your bank account after 15 days of purchase by customer.