Seller Guide Documentation

Seller Registration Process

1. To become a seller in, first you need to register in store.

2. In Registration form, you need to enter Username, Email, Password.

3. After registration completes, your dashboard will display.

After dashboard displays, click on start selling in header to become a seller in

4. After clicking on seller portal, seller home page will display.

In home page, click on OPEN YOUR SHOP

5. After that, you have to fill vendor application form which includes Store Details, Payment, Branding, Shipping and Social.

6. After entering all details, click on Apply to be vendor. After that the request will be sent to admin to accept you as a seller.

7. After approving as a seller, your dashboard will display.

How to Add products as a seller

1. To add products into store, select products option in dashboard and click on Add product.

2. After Clicking on add product, you should enter the below details shown in the image.

3. After adding the product, the product will not display in store because the admin should accept the product.

4. After accepting by admin, the product will display in the store.

5. To add shipping fees, shipping address, Minimum shipping charged per order – view vendor dashboard –> settings –> shipping.

6. To add shipping fee for separate country/state, click on add rate.

7. To add minimum shipping charged per order, Shipping address, Product handling fee, Maximum product charge and Minimum shipping charged per order.

8. When the customer orders a product, the seller can view the orders in seller dashboard.

Order Management

1. Customer makes a purchase of seller product from and makes payment to larkya.

2. Seller receives a mail to their respective account stating that a order has arrived.

3. The order statement has all the details of customer and seller commission.

4. If the seller wants to check the order in larkya seller portal, seller has to move to seller dashboard.

5. After moving to seller dashboard click on orders.

6. All the orders for seller will be displayed under orders tab.

7. In the orders there will be order number, customer details, name of the product with quantity, amount of commission, shipping status and order date.

8. There it will be visible like view order details, Shipping label, Order note, Tracking number, Mark shipped.

9. View order details – Includes shipping address , Billing address, cost of product, commission, shipping charges, quantity of the product.


10. Shipping label – seller has to use this shipping label.

11. Order note – Seller can add an order note of their choice (optional)

12. Tracking number – If the seller has their own shipping partners they need to add their tracking number over here.

13. Mark Shipped – If order is shipped to the customer can mark it as shipped.

14. For packing an order seller need to buy packing material from Larkya store.

15. Package should definitely be with Larkya packing and seller has to bear the amount of packing materials.

16. After seller packing the order with Larkya packing materials our delivery partners will come to sellers address which is mentioned by the seller in seller portal.

17. Seller has to handover the package to delivery partners.

18. The delivery partners will deliver the package to customers address.

19. All the delivery charges and returns charges has to be taken care by the seller itself.


1. After the customer receives the product, larkya charges 9% larkya commission + GST*.

2. Larkya pays the seller their amount after 15 days of the product purchase.

Delivery Mangement

Option 1 : Larkya handles all the deliveries to customers.

1. Seller has to buy packing material from Larkya store get the order packed and hand it over to Larkya delivery partners.

2. Delivery and return charges need to taken care by sellers.

Option 2 : Sellers gives all their products to Fulfillment Center

1. Larkya packs the order and deliver it to customer completely without any interaction with seller.

2. Seller has to pay the packing charges, delivery charges to larkya.

Option 3 : Seller handles deliveries of their products

1. Seller will take care of all the deliveries of their products.

2. All they need is to buy packing material from Larkya , Pack the order with Larkya packing material and deliver from their end.

3. Any returns should also be taken care by them.

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