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With the most serious rate card in the business, straightforward conveyance charges dependent on the weight and measurements of your items and a little fixed expense, selling on Larkya is profoundly cost-proficient.

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You only need products and GST document to start selling in Larkya. There no limit on number of products, even 1 product is acceptable in Larkya.

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Larkya is bound to timely payments. We assure you that your payment will be directly deposited to your bank account after 15 days of purchase.


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9% + GST

Seller’s Stories

My products has got a great demand in market by selling in Larkya. They charge very less fee that caused my business to grow even more. Larkya explains every one of the questions in regards to selling items by helping an individual help accomplice.

Eric from Yellow Housiong Handmade

With Larkya I get the best record support and convenient payments. I am truly grateful that I got a chance to list my items on Larkya. It was the best choice that I made. Larkya is exceptionally instant in making payments and the cycle is basic.

Ericka from Red Field Threads

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